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Out of All This Blue (Deluxe) by The Waterboys

  • Artist:The Waterboys
  • Media:Audio CD
  • Label: BMG Rights Management (UK) Ltd
  • Released: 08 September 2017
  • 3CD DELUXE : New 2017 album from Mike Scott & cohorts. Includes a bonus disc of extra songs, alternate mixes and instrumentals. Echoes of classic R&B, country, soul & funk. 
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    • Do We Choose Who We Love
    • If I Was Your Boyfriend
    • Santa Fe
    • If the Answer Is Yeah
    • Love Walks In
    • New York I Love You
    • The Connemara Fox
    • The Girl in the Window Chair
    • Morning Came Too Soon
    • Hiphopstrumental 4 (Scatman)
    • The Hammerhead Bar
    • Mister Charisma
    • Nashville, Tennessee
    • Man, What a Woman
    • Girl in a Kayak
    • Monument
    • Kinky's History Lesson
    • Skyclad Lady
    • Rokudenashiko
    • Didn't We Walk on Water
    • The Elegant Companion
    • Yamaben
    • Payo Payo Chin
    • The Memphis Fox
    • If the Answer Is Yeah (Alternate Version)
    • If I Was Your Boyfriend (Zeenie Mix)
    • Epiphany on Mott Street
    • Didn't We Walk on Water (JessKav Mix)
    • Santa Fe (Instrumental)
    • Payo Payo Chin (Tokyo Hotel)
    • Return to Roppongi Hills
    • Nashville, Tennessee (Live)
    • Mister Charisma (Alternate Version)
    • So in Love with You

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