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Get the Christmas party started with new hit CD collections

You can't beat a good compilation album. Get a group of friends and family together and the right compilation album gets the party started. Well that's what you want at Christmas, the compilation album that best suits the era of you and your friends. Click on the link to a list of compilation albums.

A compilation album comes in various forms

Greatest Hits or Box set - If its by one  artists it is known as a greatest hits or box set. Recently released CD's in this domain include:

The Greatest Hits Collection 2017 Collector's Item by Bananaramal

Greatest Hits – Gods Favourite Band, Greenday;

Rule The World The Greatest Hits – Tears For Fears;

Various Artist Hit compilations

 100 Hits: The Best Sixties Album – Various Artists; 100 Hits:

100 Hits The Best Seventies Album – Various Artists 100 Hits:

100 Hits The Best Eighties Album – Various Artists;

100 Hits – The Best Power Rock and Ballads Album,

or for you romantics – 100 Hits The Best Love Album.     

Various Artist – these are on a theme such as Christmas, which we celebrate here but they may also be for a particular decade, music genre, or for a particular musical instrument. Examples of new releases are:

Car Songs: Various Artists

Christmas: The Collection 2017 Version by Various Artists

Christmas Songs

100 Greatest Christmas

Christmas Voices 2

For other Christmas themes CDs follow the link and compare prices on a range of Christmas compilation albums including some by solo artists.