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The greatest showman or woman at this years Oscars?

Oscar nominations for best original song 2018 were released on 23rd January at a ceremony in Hollywood. Here are the five artists and songs to make the grade. The winners are announced at the Oscar ceremony on March 4th 2018.

1. Sufjan Stevens, "Mystery of Love" (Call Me By Your Name)
Reminiscent of Paul Simons style a haunting melodious vocals, inspiring lyrics combined with what sounds like a ukulele tapping in the background. Pleasantly relaxing and left me wanting to hear it again!
2. Mary J. Blige, "Mighty River" (Mudbound) – An Oscar first to be nominated with best song and best supporting actress for Mary J Blige. The song starts with an epic quality, moving lyrics, gently piano chords and arpeggios – a bit uninspiring and a long wait for a big finale that never really arrives and gets lost in the mud!
3. Miguel Featuring ft. Natalia Lafourcade, "Remember Me (Dúo)" (Coco) – guitar acoustics and upbeat tune. A lovely feature to be part English part Spanish lyrics with a male/female duet -  Cool!
4. Andra Day Featuring Common, "Stand Up For Something" (Marshall). Great soulful vocals and lyrics with a powerful rhythmic thrust which stirs the emotions and lifts the hairs on the back of your neck. A clever touch to include some rapping prior to  the finale. My favourite!
5. "This Is Me" (The Greatest Showman) – beautiful melodic piano introduction, gently folky female vocals move into a more dramatic stage musical finale with a bold funky pop chorus typically required for dancing sequences. Not something I want to listen to and pretty unmemorable!
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The Greatest Showman - by various artists